(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Fictitiousness Of Our Convictions

An environment created,
Has spurned much heated debate.
In investigations...
Solicited by allegations,
And revealed are findings of travesties,
Decreed by double standards...
Fostered and sanctioned by hypocrisy!

Democracy this isn't.
Although it feeds the blind,
To breed lifestyles declined!

Christianity and 'faith' healers...
Encourage a flourishing,
To defeat those already down!
As an escalation of defamations,
Of goodwill...
Is smeared and spread around!

Dumbfounding those with high expectations.
Those reviewing blueprints,
Underground and in darkness.

And devalued in shallowness,
Are wishes for peace to prevail!
With covert intentions...
Done to undermind,
Anyone defiant of what is assailed!

As we become more suspicious,
Of those with sound minds who dismiss us...
And wish the fictitiousness of our convictions,
Would disappear!

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