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Fidelity Of Love
EOE (Apirl 28 1986 / Otukpo)

Fidelity Of Love

Back in my hands even rain
could not stop us. Our heart
beat in reunion, think about
us then the fidelity of love
The angels wings are us, with
our throne in the moon the stars
can bear withness to these, when
we smile Romeo and Juilet smiles
love can testify to these.
Love dwell in us so live for love.

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Comments (9)

Love is a beautiful thing and so is your poem
the last line is outstanding 'love dwell in us so live for love'. the idea really thrilled me and reminded me of my love I have lost. i still love her and perhaps i live for her. enjoyed it.
emotions personified...the tone and thought behind your poem are marvelous!
It is highly educative and inspiring. i really enjoyed the tone of the poem. Good work. Great message!
A truly beautiful poem, one of the best I've read in a while. I like your style and I hope you continue to write beautiful poems like this one.
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