(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Field Mice

With a gathering to follow commands,
And with it done as if blinded by charisma...
Of those wishing from them an attention to get,
They are led into traps to find a smiling cat.
That very same cat,
Who has known the weakness of each leader...
To feed what appears to be delicious cheese.
And behind each leader the field mice eat.
Unaware of the cat,
Becoming less amused by that.

'Why, why, why?
Do they continue to do this to themselves? '
Says the cat to himself.
Getting bored by the act.
And one by one each mouse is done.
As the cat begins to nap.

I've been bored by this too.~

'Whoa. You nearly scared me to death.
Who in the hell are you? '

~I'm the dog of the house.
Before the owner's decided to get a cat.
And I've been watching your every move,
Wanting to discover why they had to pick you.
And you know what? ~

'I'm all ears.
What? '

~I can't believe outsiders could be that stupid.~

'Outsiders? '

~Yeah. The mice.
What lessons are left for them to learn? ~

'Listening to the message,
And not make up those of their own.
Without sniffing around to find something else.
Choosing to dismiss what they hear.
And not learn a thing.'

~Hmmm. I see.
And just perhaps,
The cat has been feeding each leader...
A taste of different cheeses.~

'You're a sly dog.
How long have you been watching? '

~Long enough to know,
To stay away from the cheese.
And not take you for granted.~

That's good to hear.
Come back later after I take my nap.
There is something I want to discuss with you.'

~Oh? ~

I've been accused for your bad hygiene habits.
They know I can take care of the mice.
And clean up behind myself too.
But you?
What else can you do besides stink up the place? '

~Oh no you didn't.
Let me remind you who has seniority around here.~

'But I can purr...
Bitch! Can you?
I know how to handle my business.'

Those who may find the word 'bitch' derogatory,
Offensive and not appropriate to describe a female dog...
Will find the word in 'any' English language dictionary,
To be used and especially in this poetic depiction...
As an artistic 'necessity' and not meant for another intention.
Yours, 'artistically'...

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