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Field Of Roses
AL (May 02,1969 / Havana, Cuba)

Field Of Roses

Poem By Andre Leal

In reality we all live for love and love lives around us,
Like the wind and the sun we cannot caress,
But its there,
Waiting to strike at any given moment, in any given day;

I have walked in fields of thorns hoping to find the end,
Breeding every time I stop to rest,
I prayed to God to find me a resting place, a place with thick clouds,
With soft grass so I can lay,

My words became sharp as a knife cutting thorns making me a clear way,
Defending my body, my soul was priority number one,
Every single day;
Here, was the end of the path I had always prayed;
God, I was glad my journey had an end;

Still, my heart felt lonely and on my knees I begged,
What have I done to deserve this?
A sweet voice spoke and said “Look Back”
As I did, I noticed not only did I cut the thorns, but I also stepped
On the roses God placed for me along the way.

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A lovely parable here with a very Pilgrim's Progress feel.