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Fierce Tiger: Gita-Govinda
(5 May 1956 - / Sinapali, Nuapara, Orissa / India)

Fierce Tiger: Gita-Govinda

Poem By Harekrishna Meher

O Krishna! Owing to pangs of separation,
for Rā dhā, her home seems to be a forest.
The group of her dear maiden-friends
appears as a trapping net.
With heavy sighs, the heat of separation
turns to be a vast forest-conflagration.
It is a matter of severe woe
that because of thy separation,
Oh, how she appears as a doe,
and Love-god Cupid for her,
has become Yama, the Lord of Death,
displaying the activities of a fierce tiger.

[Extracts from English Version of 'Gita-Govinda of Jayadeva'
Translated by Dr. Harekrishna Meher]

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