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Fiercely Competitive
Lawrence S. Pertillar (February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Fiercely Competitive

It is never easy to teach,
Anyone unprepared to compete.
With another,
Who has obtained skills and expertise.
From a vast array,
Of different experiences.
Often reluctant,
Not to quickly display.

There seems to always come along,
Someone seeking...
The wrong one to challenge.
To base their decision upon appearances.
And to overlook,
Giving it a single thought...
If the cover of the book,
Has anything to do with the contents in it!
With this to do,
Before and not after...
A judgement chosen.
To discover they had been,
Baited to become hooked.
Left to be laughed at.
With an ending to describe it.
From the very beginning.

But some folks just have a love,
For public punishment!
To then claim later,
Someone they perceived to be...
Easily deceived.
Tried to warn them,
Delusions and reality are not related!
And that had been stated.
Although the hearing of it,
Was ignored to dismiss.

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