Fifth Attack [rev.]

Tuesday 26 May - another Gaza Strip missile
attack unreported by the BBC - a missile fired
from the Gaza Strip exploded near Gan Yavne
causing no injuries - later Israeli airstrikes slam
terror infrastructures in the southern Gaza Strip

‘Tis fifth attack since end-August 2014 ceasefire
came into effect, & like previous missile strikes
from Gaza a month ago & before in December -
plus an October attack before that - it received
NO coverage on the BBC News web-site tho’

It was factually aware of a missile attack on 27
May; a report on Israeli response was on BBC
Arabic website - under headline: “Israeli planes
attack Gaza Strip Palestine military resistance
positions”, the report focused on effect instead

Of cause preceding attack, relegated to par.11
to 13 of 15 paragraphs, BBC adopted Public
Relations Language of Terrorist Organisation =
resistance factions, since conflict-end in August;
Israeli response to Palestine ceasefire violation

Agreement reported in ARABIC - NOT English -
BBC does not fulfil ostensible public purpose
“global understanding of international issues”
by serially ignoring attacks being precursor of
new conflicts between Israel and -

- Gaza Strip Terrorists -

by Margaret Alice Second

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