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Fifth Fist
(1967- / Homestead, Florida)

Fifth Fist

Poem By Kelly Vinal

Subtle, soft, and slowly spoken
Fragmentary, burned, and broken
Overtures but covert tokens
Aimless words adrift at sea

Eruptive scars of wars conceded
For conceit; for pride depleted
Dejected as a word repeated
Infinite infinitive - to see

Subjugated, crushed; defeated
Replete with smoke and seas receded
Heartbeat of a force retreated
What has been (what is to be)

Subtle still and slowly spoken
Wax and plume and shoreline smoking
For want of want, lies shattered, broken
Below the seagull soaring free

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Comments (3)

Kelly A wonderful construct. Emotionally powerful. Thanks for putting your work on the site. Denis Joe
Excellent rhythm and imagery. Whatever ugliness man shall make in his ignorance and greed. Nature will relentlessly whipe clean, it is just a matter of time.
for the want of want, magical. I used something similar, yet not, in an essay: 'I love, because I need to.' Cheers, Jerry