Fifty-Four Year Awakening

His breathing was labored to the last gasp.
How quiet and still the room is.
She said, "He's at peace at last." Driving home alone all waiting quietly, only the past.
A sea of loneliness she walks daily.
Lost in waves of memories fill her with despair.
She never wanted to be last. Now a year gone by.
Little awakening, unable to stay home alone.
Always wanting to cry, could even die.
Short trips bring happiness, still a little alone. Another year gone by, where is her mind?
Dreams of tomorrow creeping in.
Laughing at time, sleeping better which is so kind.
Garage sales, cleaning, painting seem to be a must.
Awaken before things begin to rust. Still have loving memories of the past.
Don't need to cry, no longer wanting to die.
The house no longer quiet and still,
"She's at peace at last."

by Jaclyn Hyde

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