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Fifty Years Together
AI aryaindia india (24.10.1960 / Bangalore)

Fifty Years Together

to moments together, all times forever

Was that just the day before yesterday
That we exchanged vows of marriage?
As we looked dumbstruck and coy
The very beginnings of our life
Together we had decided to tread
Resolutions to be transparent through
Giving of each other unending new

Did we think we would live this long together?

Before we realised it was
Yes we were getting ready to welcome
Our first born, anxiety and nervousness
Touching great heights as newness dawned
The future intended to be faced boldly
We waded through weak and strong currents
Of financial burdens and despair
Yet welcoming not one or two but four
Daughters, each their own in glory and cheer

Did we think we would live to see their families?

Society has never smiled at those in pain
As ends are made to meet with greater courage
We faced those odds in willingness supreme
As god paved ways to handle tough times well
That grit and positivity that saw us through
Now seems magic that could have happened only
Because we never feared ever but put forth
Our right foot ahead, never looking back
Like soldiers in a platoon facing war dust

Did we think we would see the strength of the bricks of life we placed?

The best we gave for the sake of our kin
Sidelining our needs, our wants that screamed
The best we gave burning the midnight oil
For we knew that would pave the way for a tommorrow
That tommorrow that would see a better life
For each of whom we held greater brighter dreams
The best we gave every minute of our waking time
Not once assessing whether it was within our reach
For we together as one, groped for the stars

Did we somehow know that we would be a success?

They twinkled in their own right so bright
Our assets as we showed them off to all with pride
We groomed them in various ways though yes
Finance was a constraint that we sure overcame
Looking back we wonder at times did we err?
But those thoughts come to those who are most human
And it is always that we shall always analyse
About our actions be they right or not so found
We've taken credit for trying to see as one
Though the path was unclear and not unhindered

Did we realize our stars would shine on their own brightly?

But we always found a way out of situations
To dream of futures far beyond our horizons
Keen to the core to be successful in our attempt
To rise above the mediocrity of people around
To be something more special, to be taken note of
In our own unassuming way, to be regarded high
That took a lot of our efforts to live upto
Hoping and praying that things clicked the way
We wished them to and always acknowledging god's intention
That was when we knew that a guiding hand led us along

Did we stretch too much than we should have?

But trifle sorrows like pain and gloom
Sprinkled on our joys in bits and killed
Some dreams as they lay in their casket unopen
But we also knew that we had our own limitations
We consoled ourselves and each other too
That we did our best for our kids as well as we could
If health did hinder we cared not the least
And trudged forward in heavenly bliss and dreams
Never taking no for an answer and there lay
The secret to looking forward towards our goal

Did we see only the present and the future took care?

We had handsight and groped about finding
Newer avenues to better our state in every way
Those moments staggered as we found that only
Hard work and truthful intentions would pay
For nothing is got as readymade pies if success
Were to be measured in terms of wealth and possessions
We harboured minimum envy for the competitive spirit
But never let go of our basic principles
Something so important in life that knows comfort
And more than that peace which is most precious
When gathering storms die their death naturally

Did we lie in the pleasure of the calm after the storm?

We remember those times when we fretted
As small joys eluded the grace of our efforts
When blank times reminded us that we were behind
And the comfort we found in the bliss of console
As we ventured endlessly to prove our worth
In more ways than one to our own progeny
Standing shoulder to shoulder facing the odds
As lady luck smiled blissfully as she blessed
Each event of seeing our darlings settling in life
There seemed to be the guiding hand in health and hope
Our sincere thanks to the almighty that stays
With us as we traverse, past these fifty years

Did we take god's grace for granted as we swam along together in life's river?

In bliss we did harbour some sorrows we feared
But hope that came knocking at once we were geared
The joys of owning our grandchildren eight
Closer to the innocence of their glorious state
We dwell in their hopes and little dreams true
Patient and loving and grateful too

We have been blessed and gifted with fate's lifetime award of living together in peace and venture to go on as long as we can.......as long as god wills....

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Rudyard Kipling


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