Poem By Gencay

It spreads from fine to thin
Seep into every hole
It affects the body
It leaves you still

Sometimes like sickness
It is a non-drug virus sometimes

All its injustice
Susan or those who were silenced
Sometimes the tools of torture
It is the most painful of life.

The world is having a terrible nightmare
For centuries trembling with fear
The unemployed, the hungry, those who cannot get what they deserve...
Wars, diseases, deaths..
Think about them
Is your pain to increase your dose?

If there is a disease, there is an absolute cure.

Some pain is real
Some pain is terrible
If people's veins are broken
Their connections with life can be reconnected.
But to people whose veins have dried
Bloodsuckers now too
Even if it was dry, they stared at every vein

We will strangle them with our dried veins.
The people who dry their veins
The people will crumble the flour of course
Not out of consciousness
By necessity.

Of these vile creatures
It's trouble for him to live and his death.
While living the people
Trouble with nature while dying.
If they were buried in the ground
As the killer of burned corpses
The bosom of the earth call from unrest
If we burn your ashes into the sky
Dead birds pour from the sky,
If we throw it into the sea, all the fish will hit the shore.

Run away Elvan has passed away from this land
Kaç Korkmaz was beaten to death
No one was doing a show
Those who burn themselves for hunger...
No, he was never on show
Those who were hanged and shot at a young age...
They weren't out for the show
Registered unemployment armies...
They didn't go on record for the show
Little children and women...
All that beatings, rape and harassment...
They didn't live for the show.

Those who were imprisoned innocently...
They didn't speak for the show.
The intention of those who say their opinion...
It wasn't showing.
Someone who thinks he is in the circus..
This is not a circus
The people they say are showing off,
They will understand when he eats his slap.

We didn't start the fight
But we'll finish.
Those who deprive him of life
Of living humanely,
Of love
Of rights and justice, law...
Those who started this fight
In a disgraceful way
Of your bitches and bitches
They will get what they deserve.

There is a fight, friends
They, as a result of this fight,
Like dust, the flour will be crumbly.
We only fight this fight;
We can win with the training shield and the sword of courage.
Fight in sleep cannot be won
If it is won it is a dream.
Incompatible with reality.!

Must be real in our fight like our pain
It is violent and ruthless.
We didn't start this fight
But we'll finish.!

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