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Fight For Flight
EW (11/01/1985 / Winston Salem, North Carolina)

Fight For Flight

Paradise has fallen, it crashed on my head
feelings like this make me wish I were dead.
My heart is torn my soul is lost.
Like a broken ship on stormy waves I'm being tossed
from one assailant to the next.
I bite my tongue so I wont speak the truth aloud,
it bleeds and I cry as I hear the cheers of a degrading crowd.
My emotional flesh ripped by their spears of harsh words.
When can my body relax again?
When does the pain subside?
I've no rock or cool shadows where I can hide,
every step brings consequence.
Every breath recieves a reply.
I'm spreading my wings now, I'm going to fly.
They can't hold me down I'll soar so high.
Now who's the winner, you won't see me cry!
No more more will I be under your feet
I wont be beat!

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