Fight For You (If U Think It Deserves A Different Title Let Me Know)

I wont rest easy until i know your mine again
your the only one i feel something with
i cant move on from you, i cant let you go
i dont want to let you go, i cant set you free

not when i might still have a chance with you
oh i cant let you go, until i can call you mine once more
i will fight till the end for you, fight for your heart once again
dont give up, dont give me up, i cant handle not having you

nobody else compares to you, nobody even comes close
i dont know what to do without you by my side
im like a lost soul without you, without you as mine
i would love to call you mine again, i would love to have u by my side

once more, please once more, i cant take this
the pain, the hurt, the ache i feel when you arent with me
how can i fix this? how can i make it better, i need to or else
my world will fall apart, even though it is falling apart at this moment

i cant take much more hurt, i cant take this ache in my heart
make it go away, make it stop, only you can stop it, only you can make it better
is it bad, that only you can heal my broken heart?
when it was you that shattered it to a million pieces in the first place

i dont know what to do, the only thing i can do is fight for you
to fight for your love, even though it should be the other way around
but im not giving up for i think you may be the one for me
if you weren't i would have moved on by now for i usually move on fast

but with you i cant, i feel like half of me is missing without you
i feel incomplete without you, i need you back to feel human again
to not feel so empty inside, so lonely, i need that inner peace
you make me feel, that inner happiness thats always there because of you

you are the one for me, and without you i am lost
i cant let go of what i feel even though i want to
you hold my heart in your hands even though you hurt me
and i intend to get you back and i intend to emerge victoriously

by Brittany Bell

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i can feel the desparity element in this poem........and your mad love the person......nicely written...but could have written better....... above average i would say........