DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

Fight The Good Fight

When the days grow shorter and the length of night draw longer
It feels like your lost in time,
And when you cant tell right from wrong they say, you beg for another day
But you got to read between the lines
The dark is enveloping, but don’t be discouraged and don’t be afraid
When you park your soul in the light you keep up your spirit
But don’t loose you faith

Every night every morning fight the fight you need to survive
It’s the only way, if all falls
Then darling don’t refrain, beg and plead for another day
You’re the master of your own destiny take all you get and make your history
Yesterday was then today is now, correct the wrongs and forge a way ahead
For this is a story which isn’t easy in a life where nothing is free
Take a look in your heart and you’ll find the answers that you seek
Fight the fight you need to fight to survive
Then the pleaded day will arrive where forever you can reside alive

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Time is to some the forth dimension Where all else is in suspension, Where then and now and the future Are only an illusion of nature. Much like the automatic backup on the computer It captured the past and stored it forever (?) And the present is a fleeting moment that will Soon follow the computer's saving drill. But the future can only be in your dreams For nothing is really what it seems And a seeming meaningless event May change the Future, heaven sent. So is best not to dwell on the past And try hard to make the present last For worrying about what is to come Will only make the present worrisome. Life is to live, Enjoy! s