(12/11/60 / Danbury, CT USA)

Fight Till Someone Is Bleeding

What monster

held your brain,

your heart?

What damage could a child really do!

You stood there

demanding that we "fight till someone is bleeding"!

What rest,

what reason,

what end

were you looking for?

When you laid down,

to create?

Did you sense it would come

to THIS?

Now you have died.

I am permanently scared by your lack

of love,

of protection,

of counsel;

of course,

what child wouldn't be?

I am permanently hunting

for resurrection

from the death

you created.

Will find a way

back to the beginning

and fully forgive

with compassion and understanding

that you couldn't gift

to your "beloved", beaten children?

© Reneé Marie.4.1.16

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