If you stop fighting, you are weak.
If you stop fighting, you are giving up.
If you stop fighting, then you are not a fighter.

by blessing nanier Click to read full poem

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Beautiful poem, but to be seen in metaphysical persepctive. According to Lord Krishna, when He was teaching the great archer Arjuna before the start of Great war of Mahabharata (as described in greatest Poem, the sacred Gita) that our body is the battleground, On which everyday, the war between good and evil (senses) is fought! Who wins (the senses or the soul with discriminating mind) , ultimately decides weather 'we' as a person are winning the battle royale of life.
hmmm... i can see what you mean but violence is never the awnser they say right..? i'm not one to judge this but it was good -ryan
There are other ways to gain your achievements Intelligence is the sharpest sword of all I have seen what fighting does, the blood spilt and the damage done, the poem is sound and give you a 10 Chris
determination is the key that unlocks success, nice poem and very encouraging.
life is a fight that we should go through and we must do it bravely
wonderful poem. I think it has a true message in it.
Really nicley written Bell, it is saying the truth too. KEEP WERTITTING, you really are talented.
aha i like it it's beautiful