ME (05/31/1962 / NJ)

Fighting For Hope

There is a fine line on my ceiling,
It speaks much about my own being,
Yet I doubt myself, and my very own presence.
Time regards around hope, it is an essence.

Yes, it is a sad life with cancer?
One doesn't talk about those orders,
and one doesn't know the way life turns out.
It is good that life goes so round about.

I feel blessed to be part of these years
because tomorrow may have more fears
I might have only one moment to stay
But my force will never leave today.

Right now I just want to come to terms,
search for hope, and pray for just words.
Dreamland is for lost souls, and not for tending
I am still here hoping and you are amending.

No brash word or song will say goodbye.
It is my fight for hope it is not about a lie.
Please don't close your eyes tonight
I see you are wishing to reverse that fight.

It's like my cracked ceiling it wanes in the dark
One only has one life and it's time to make a mark.
Please pray for hope and to be strong
One has to believe that nothing will go wrong.

Everyone has the power to take that life any way,
But there are times when things get in the way.
I have my own fighting call to unlock
Can you hear my say? I have a lot to unblock.

Like the cracked ceiling, you need to make well
And I want you to cry out for hope then repel.
I don't want to bellow about your sickness
Be strong, be you, and beat your illness.

Do you believe, and want to believe?
Like that cracked ceiling, life needs to retrieve.
It is sending a lasting message of hope
You got to care and find the strength to cope.

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Strong words of encouragement for survival. Thank You