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Figuring Out Our Leader [sic]
HW (Too long ago / Albert Pike Hospital)

Figuring Out Our Leader [sic]

Poem By Hubert Wilson

Bushcronium has just been disclosed.
This new heaviest element for minds closed.
With only one insulated neutron,
But massive walls of the submissive moron.
Aided by infinite servile leptons
Serving only as mere peons.
Not very alert
Since absence of electrons makes it inert.
Can now be easily detected
As it impedes every reaction as it is rejected.
An amount ever so minute
Causes reaction just as moot.
It does not decay,
But only feverishly reorganizes to get its way.
Over time
The amount of Bushcronium continues to climb.
First a moron, then a neutron, and then the dreaded isodope!
America loses all hope!
This critical moron promotion
Is accompanied by unlimited Bushcronium devotion.
All will soon pass
If Bushcronium reaches Critical Morass!
Thus, creating FoxNewsAdnauseam to constantly radiate
Incoherent noise with half the peons but twice the morons to irritate!

Special thanks to Meg K.

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