From the moment of my coming,
to the moment that I die,
I've been registered and tabulated
to make sure I'm not a lie.

I've been fingerprinted, indexed,
photographed and even drawn.
I've been phoned and faxed and texted
from each dusk to early dawn.

I've been circumcised and immunised,
vaccinated and explored.
I've been biopsied and X-rayed,
with blunt needles I've been gored.

My life is full of numbers,
birthdays, credit cards and more.
There's PINs and codes and passwords,
there's a number on my door.

I'm not a person really,
just some data on a chip.
They've made my life so ordered,
I'm a simply written script.

I am a mere statistic,
technology has me soiled.
I'm black and white - no shades of grey,
so very neatly filed!

by Joe Hughes

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