My First Day At School(***a Real Experience***)

Oh, it came so fast like a speedy train,
in the month of heavy rain,
when the birds of joy just flew away,
and my heartbeat rose up each day.

the vacations were over and,
there was no more time to play in sand,
but of course you know what that was,
it was my school reopening day as it is.

That day morn when I woke up,
thought if i had a ever or hiccup,
lazy and unwilling, of course, of huss,
made it to the waiting bus.

As the speed of bus went high,
i sank back to the seat with a sigh,
at last whe i walked down to school,
i never knew to use what tool.

As my school came closer,
I became more more dozer,
but wait! now that at school i was,
noone knows the tension a girl has.

When i stepped in to my class,
My courage broke like a breaking glass,
but when i found out i wasn't alone,
and found news friends to adorn,
for first school became a heaven!

* when i was going on to my 5th class to a new school. of course i made a lot of friends and my shyness left me and i am now first at school

by anjana asok(12 yrs)

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