Filtering Into Intellect

Reflections sparkling brightly all around, finding their way
into this mind where their designs and patterns grow amidst
ideas and concepts.

Filtering into intellect where rhythms are coded and definite-
ly keep bringing them into contact with words and definitions,
placing them all into sounds.

Sequences providing thought and nourishment to this mind as
they arrange themselves into poetical prose effortlessly and

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (1)

Your account of creativity in this poem does not deal with volition in the poet or artist who pursues a specific artistic goal. This is about a more fundamental aspect of creativity which runs parallel to our human efforts. What appears to be automatic is really a divine impulse rushing through things and humans and at the end of this surging is the poem or the painting or the music that fulfills the divine energy. Dylan Thomas has a passage about creativity that goes THE FORCE THAT THROUGH THE GREEN FUSE DRIVES THE FLOWER / DRIVES MY GREEN AGE. That is, there is a natural energy of life which art imitates and parallels. Thomas only describes this as a process of Nature; you add the SUPERNATURAL to the natural and give a wider perspective on creativity.