every kiss
on your lips
drips lies
every touch
is to much
it dies with the lies
so wrong
its all gone
drowned in your eyes
pools of jelousy
consume me
watching you watching me
fall away
you grable in the shallows
caught in your lies
captured by the whitness by my eyes
curse my eyes
dont let them see
the horrid person you can be
image engraved in my eyelids
me entangled amid
you and all your cruelties
and so easily abused
and used
till all is gone
gone so wrong in my eyes
just now to waken and realize
i never lost you anywhere
you were never
never mine
only cold intake
our love was born a fake
fraud from existance for anyone
and now its gone so very wrong
now i hold you, my dear mistake
born to die a fake
and there you lay in my arms
submitting me to all of the harm
you chose to curse my life
chose to blind my eyes
by what i saw, oh this filth in you
filth laid in your mind
strangled till im left behind
i know i never ment anything to you
and your nothing to me
and theres nothing left to see

lay against this cold dead corpse
strangled with sudden heartbeats of remorse
of ever wasting a time with you
my cold and dead mistake
i whitness the cold intake
breathing me away, till i break
and i never should left it all for you
for now ive seen the filth in you

by Kathryn Garner

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