Final Confession In The Ccu

Poem By Lewis Eron

I beat death today.
In a race from the lot to the CCU
And I only left
When they called me to say he was coming
But the doctor left when I ran in.

I beat death today.
I was already at the bedside when he sauntered in.
But he has all the time in the world
And I'm the one with short hours
No wonder he didn't rush.

I beat death today.
But I let him stand by me
Between the wife and boy, next to the bed
while we held hands and said the Confession
To absolve our sins and confess our love.

I beat death today
And in the moment between the wife's hush
And the boy's sob
I guided a soul to Heaven's door

I beat death today
In a race from the lot to the CCU.
But when my visit was almost through,
He squeezed my hand and said, 'Thank you.'

I beat death today
And as we walked from the room to the lounge
The wife called me an angel,
The doctor avoided my gaze,
And the son held me in awe.

Some races are hard to win.
And in others winning deserves no prize.

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