Looking For That Man!

Wanting to have someone in life to love me for who
I am, and not what he can get from me.

Showing a genuine love and caring throughout our
lives together.

Never being unmindful, telling me endlessly how
much he loves and wants to be with me forever.

A man who doesn't think only of himself, not vain,
thinking of others, having compassion and under-

Listening with his heart, responding from it also,
is that too much to ask of a man, I don't think so.

Yet, I haven't found a man who doesn't hide behind
his ego, telling everyone how great he is.

Laughing as I write this, because I've seen this time
after time in the men I meet.

Even when single, it always happened, on first dates
being asked to marry each of them, thinking they were
God's gift to women.

Having no substance other than their egos shining so
brightly, the only answer ever given to each of them
was no.

Older now, still looking for that man who has been
suffering all these years like I have, yet knowing
that it is too late in life for wishes.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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my favorite part were your descriptions of the rosemary, at each spot it adds a cetain element to the peice