VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

Final Gathering

Come hither to this place, of shadows velvet
Under the tree against the grey, stone tablet
A bite of chill in the air, of a signal to an end
Another times passage, for one to comprehend

Much learnt to acknowledgements, together
Whilst wondering lands, of rock and heather
In city and country, a thousands voices spoke
Though always remains, a human fire to stoke

So we are gathered here, with warmth of heart
Sat in communal sense, before we do depart
Upon another journey, of the yet undiscovered
Filled with sense of curiosity, always harboured

Looking onwards, to light of new a beginning
Of times not yet passed, though for planning
Of these voyages untaken, and words unspoken
To mists of blurring memories, left as a token

Life’s great education, to a furthered tablature
To translate into wisdoms, to herald a venture
Towards this song, of your soul and of flight
Into distant setting suns, with a heartfelt plight

Departing good friends; we will one day meet
This circle of our learning, ignorance to defeat
That we may know love, and the gentlest touch
And know comprehension, I yearn for so much

That I may walk on so, with this fire in my soul
Warmest spirit be my touch, upon winters fall
Though I still live, for the embrace of my child
As I am forever her father, mentor and shield

Go from here now, and be taken to lands afar
Always under the silk, of moon, night and star
Until an annuals clock, that calls us again to here
To talk of a world without hatred, death and fear

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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