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Final Goodbye

I sat down to write,
And it took me all night,
But there was something I needed to say,
Something I couldn’t put into words that day.

Poetry can be hard,
‘Cause I let down my guard.
But for you I’ll try,
Till my pen runs dry.

Because I love you more than words can say,
Though our relationship was sort of gray.
We clung to each other in a final goodbye,
And as we walked away I had no tears to cry.

So why only now,
As you’re leaving this town,
Do the tears flow so free?
It’s so unlike me…

Every single song I hear,
About losing someone dear,
Reminds me of you,
I really miss you.

I feel my heart breaking,
As my hands start shaking.
I’m breaking down,
Without a sound.

I just curl up and make myself small,
As the tears are beginning to fall
I miss your caring touch,
Loving you hurts so much.

One last kiss,
And one last embrace,
Goodbye, love.


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I like this poem! ! ! Good job!