ANS (April 30th / New York)

Final Kiss

As the nighttime approaches
The air gets cold
There is just enough light for him
As he walks the street in search of her,
She who he must conquer

She sleeps so peaceful
As he watches her upon her window
He clouds her every dream
She yurns for him as she sleeps
Stimulated by the though of his very touch
She’ll never know what her lover is

He creeps in by her bedside,
Where he’s been invited many times before,
As her yurning intensifies
He holds her in his arms
Such a beauty, if she only knew
He exposed her skin to which he seeks
He strokes his hand upon her neck
Feeling the warmth in her nectar
As he lies her back down
He sinks he teeth in,
Drowns her of her beauty
She had her final kiss.

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This work has a strong narrative allied with some very sensual imagery- I imagine him to be very sinister- the sinking of teeth is particularly powerful.