Final Offer

'Isn't what they are doing unprecedented? '

Who? What?

'I mean,
This 'is' a flea market isn't it? '

What are you talking about?

'Over there.
Don't you see those religious zealots?
And politicians under that sign that says...
'Final Offer'?
85% off?
What's going on? '

I hadn't noticed.
They were also here last week too.
But at that time the final offer was 50% off.

'50% off?
50% off of what? '

They are here to sell fear.

But no one seems to be paying them any attention.'

That's why they are hoping the 85% off,
And making it a final offer...
Attracts more attention.

'At a flea market? '

People are losing interest.
And these are desperate times.
So I guess they are using desperate measures,
To keep people reminded...
Their peace is desperately threatened.

So where did you say they were selling those generators?
I also can use a new shower curtain.
And don't let me forget,
We did come here to pick up those work boots you mentioned.'

They are up ahead.
Next to the pots and pans.


by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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