Final Payback

Poem By Eliana Cordova

Let me hold your hand.
Memories of pain no longer exist,
In our world.
Free from hate and suffering…
And everything that comes in between.
Shadows hide the fear in my eyes,
While the tears of happiness
Gently fall across your cheeks.
Ahead of us is the future,
Filling the marmalade skies above.
We’ll outlive all those souls
Who took away our liberty.
Fate has been cruel,
Here is our final payback…
Let’s escape far away
Where no one but the stars will find us.
Your love protects my sorrow
As I reminisce on the good times.
But I will remain strong
On one condition alone:
After endless nights,
I will always see your face.
Promise me, I pray.
These scars on my heart,
Will never leave me.
And neither should you.

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