(1984 / 'Lowell, Mass.')

Final Step Towards Absentation

In water, all things are alike,
drowning, floating, grasping for the air
that doesn't exist.

In life, one prides himself with the ability
to do most things and, in a sense, function.
It still does what it has to and always thirsts for
the one thing that isn't there.

Existance, in itself, is a paradoxal
phenomenon. Without death, life whould not exist.
And without life death cannot exist.

Perphaps god is a medieval puppeteer, pulling on
the invisible strings connected to our souls.
Maybe he made us and the abandoned us.
Or maybe, he never did exist at all, maybe all we give
to god is a lie: redemption, sin, acceptance.

Without sin, religion is useless.
Without religion, sin isn't present,
Religion created sin.

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