Final Wishes

If I die and they put on a show
with my body, I guess I won't know
but it'll cost a bunch, which I can't abide
just to fill me up with formaldehyde.
Pluck my eyebrows and give me a shave?
Cremate me please, or I'll roll in my grave.

Scatter my ashes from a place way up high
with a strong wind blowing, I'll take to the sky
if somewhere my ex-wife starts to cry
there's really no need to wonder why -
it wasn't that I was such a great a guy
but I've probably just got stuck in her eye.

by Chuck Audette

Comments (8)

This is my kind of humor! Love the irony. Your irony carries a lot of atomic weight..(smile)
Charles, Thank you for the laugh! Dorothy Cynthia A Poet Who Loves To Sing
Chuck, That is just spiteful, Hilarious... but, spiteful! B.V.A.
Your wry humour shines through once again - brilliant write with a satisfying twist at the end. Smiling again :) Justine.
Could be a scene in a funny movie! This is great from start to unexpected ending. : ]
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