Finale In Song

The Queen greets us all
As we're all together with the night
So many sequences will follow
With the night flow
With the moon flow
We'll have this opportunity to sing, dance, and play act fight

The finale in song is underway
We raise our fists in the air
And we sing along and shout along
To the numerous songs I know and you know
We all can't wait to be taken away

This is the finale in song
We know it is
We know what's going on

So what do you say
One last song
One last dance
We can then call it a day
And head off into the night

So let's dance
Give me your hands
This is our time

Only so little time is remaining
Yet this experience was life changing
Let's hug and laugh
Let's enjoy what's left
Left of this finale in song

by Justin Gildow

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