Finalizing Initialization

Everything was about you
You wanted everyone to know your name
But everything inside you
Was wrapped up in a ball of chewed up cellophane
And I am here to tell you
What it does to take a modern-day philosophy
Of realistic values
And mash your con-heroes with facilitated chemistry

And if this is not what you expected, from me
Wanting me to tell that I think that you’re just fine
Well do you want the truth from me? (You told me to be completely honest)
When your time comes I will be the first one in line

To see you…

Dying never far from
My persistence tears a hole right through your chest
Hating my indifference
Here’s a lie for you, you’re what I do best
You are so dependent
On my every waking movement of dystrophy
Waiting for me to fall
Crying crushed by every crush you had on me

And you know the truth is that nothing will be alright
If you live and die on whether or not I want to kiss you
Well do you want the truth from me? (You held me with your tongue in my mouth)
No, I never faked it, but I felt it every time you would

Believing night, this is
My bureaucratic way
To systematically drive you insane
And the truth is that it hurts me
Just as much as it hurts you
When I realized that we are both the same

by Christopher's Dead

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I likey xD The title is awesome.
i likes this ALOT \^-^/