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Finally Broken
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Finally Broken

Your feelings change
when the wind shifts direction.
You demand changes from me
and label it a suggestion.

I've been jumping through your hoops
for almost ten years,
And I am still waiting
for my applause and cheers.

You cannot accept or love
the person that I am.
You try to feed me poison
with my own hand.

I tried to resist
conforming to you,
Like squeezing a size eight
into a size three shoe.

I loved myself once,
thought myself special.
You have robbed me of that
left me an empty vessel.

Your job is done now.
I am finally broken.
My rainbow faded
with every word you have spoken.

My dreams have disappeared
and with it my soul.
You've ripped out my heart
and left there a hole.

Satisfaction you have
as I give up and say
'There's nothing more left of me
for you to take away.'

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Comments (4)

Moreover, I find a great flow from top to bottom! The stanzas are meticulously planned! I vote this poem with a 10
A thought provoking poem! I feel the undertone..how painful it is! The last stanza is the epitome of your poem! I liked this poem as it compelled me to realise the expression! Very nicely penned!
I find a lot of your rhymes subtle and skillful, esp near the top of the poem. You describe a lot of the interpersonal games very well! You have awareness and writing skills this person could never take away, and a spirit that lives, underneath what's happened, though it may not feel that way now.
I felt this poem. Relationships are about two people seeing how clever they can be at hurting each other. I hope you get your rainbow back.