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Finally I Realized
DF (October 9,1995 / Tiffin, OH)

Finally I Realized

What I finally realized is that you lied to me,
That all you were doing is bribing me to choose you.
I realized that to you I'm just a game,
Playing with me,
Making me believe your lies and cockiness.
I got news for you I'm not a game,
I'm not an animal,
I'm a human being who deserves better,
I'm a human being with feelings.
What I finally realized is that you choose them over your own flesh and blood.
Then when things go wrong, you talk about it to make things right,
But that don't last and it happens again,
And again,
Till you break.
I'm letting you know this now,
I don't want to be apart of it anymore.
Finally I realized that you are a fake,
So I hope you have a good life without me.

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