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Finally Over

Finally Over

You say you’ve taken my heart and hung it on the wall,
Whisper you think you never loved me at all
Tell me lust is what caused us to fall
Swirls and swirls of mind games,
All I can think of are ways to blame
All I can feel is sexual shame
I want so bad to just be in your arms
I wanted you to be the one to keep me from harm
I wanted your love to be my good luck charm
It’s like you wore a mask from the start
It’s like you stole my heart,
I swear you tore me apart
I feel every part of me you took
My entire soul has been shook
I hate your every pathetic look
Now I have only hate
I suppose this is just fate
We broke up not a minute too late
We were never meant
All that time we spent
It’s like you were hell sent
Came upon this earth to break me
I lost being completely free
I just want to be
I can’t let go of the past
You have your strings attached
I swear this pain is creeping up too fast
I don’t know how to make go away
I’m beginning to fray
I’m just waiting for a new day
I want us to never speak again
I will just pretend
We were always friends
This love was so sick
It was just tones of tricks,
You're such a D*CK

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