CM (June 1971 / Greater Manchester, UK)

Find A Friend, In Peace

Untamed, free
We embrace discipline with open arms.
We embrace our brothers,
We are not alone.

Your energy is linked with mine.
We are the snow capped mountains,
and the radiance of a cloud filled sky.
We are mist upon the meadow.
And dew-drops on the grass.

We are petals on the wind,
And we are natures animals.
Wild, free and whole.

There is no end,
Therefore no beginning.
Water is our uniting essence,
We are energy beyond molecules.
We are spaces, waves, trees and spirit.

Our love, our respect, our empathy,
Is what makes us whole.
We are whole in our peace.
Divisible only to find greater peace.

Our spirits speaks,
it is our nature to be.
We think our thoughts,
And with good grace,
We know,
Peace, balance and harmony.

(Thursday 27 April 2006, Bolton, UK)

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