Find New Ways To Annoy

To those who annoy...
For purposes to gain attention.
And other conscious efforts,
Motivated by childhood deprivation.
Or something connected,
To a seeking not found.
Listen up!

Find new ways to annoy.
Don't just do it,
Because it is enjoyed and routine.
Make this a process of your creativity.
Revel with refreshed integrity involved.
Build upon it.

And you can...
Take pride that 'your' annoyance done,
Is second to none.
With an established identity,
Only you can deliver!

Only 'you' can prevent...

Make that your goal.
Think it over.
You can develop your own customed genre.
*Annoyances From The Heart*
Or something like that.
Just don't annoy for the hell of it!
Make it your concentrated area,
Of a deliberate artform.

And, If you'd like...
I'll provide you with a list of folks,
To test market your service.
I see success there for you.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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