Find Rest My Soul In Lyric’s Chime

Find rest my soul in lyric’s chime,
Refreshed anew by making rhyme.
It’s course my thoughts direct the paths
That make my mind to sing.
When all the world in chaos sways
A refuge here I find.
I feel my mind has wings.
With pen and poem I find new ways,
To speak to all mankind.
My poems, my thoughts, I find may last;
My world renewed by taking time,
With rest refreshed by making rhyme.


by Gary Bryson

Comments (4)

This expresses how all poets feel at times. Well done and congratulations on having it selected as Poem of the Day!
The joy of the poetic process is well expressed here!
With pen and poem, all poets do speak to mankind. A lovely piece of poetry, well articulated and insightfully penned with conviction. A beautiful poem indeed. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.10/10
expression, rhyme and thought has gone into this poem.I found it great to read cheers Sylvie