Find That Line

Wish I would find that line
That contour men find in the shadow of damsel eyes
That when she looks in my eyes I may find
The diminuendos and crescendos of my life
That when she lays her head down
Her chin hide in her folded arms
I may find art's paint and light
Past the spackle and twinkle held in those eyes

I wish I would find that line
That which traces in her chest
To form curvy bulge, and silent valleys
That her lips then may speak Latin
That same line that holds her heart
That which fences and creates the great walls
That Great men find hard to break

The silent nights beckon me
Her bright eyes spell it for me
But if once in this life time
I may find that thin faint line

I will tell her of the great county Kyadondo
And how my forefathers on this land
Founded this great nation and state
And how me and her are meant
To build one for ourselves if I found that line

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