God And The Soldier

God and the soldier
All men adore
In time of trouble,
And no more;
For when war is over
And all things righted,
God is neglected -
The old soldier slighted.

by Anonymous Americas

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I forgot the title.. ;) Finding A Long Gray Hair - ITALIAN: Trovando un lungo capello grigio
Strofino the long floorboards in the kitchen, repeating the motions of other women who have lived in this house. And when I find a long gray hair floating in the pail, I feel my life added to theirs. - ITALIAN: Strofino le lunghe assi del pavimento della cucina, ripetendo i movimenti di altre donne che hanno vissuto in questa casa. E quando trovo un lungo capello grigio galleggiante nel secchio, Sento che la mia vita si è aggiunta alla loro.
this is interesting, and quite packed for such a short poem. I find myself wondering who the women are, older generations of family, or previous owners of the house. I'm kind of hoping its previous owners of the house, because then there's more mystery about them and this may be the only way she could tie herself to them if they're strangers.