(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Finding Chaos To Understand

No one can,
Or will accuse me...
Of doing my best to be regarded
As foolish.
And hopelessly ignorant.
Why would I wish to want,
To remain amongst the few...
Who try to find logic.
Or reason how admitted idiots,
Committed to stay morons...
Are today highly respected.
And selected to represent,
In such a public way.
Why should I continue to allow,
My sanity to be betrayed?

Too many intelligent,
And have exposed common sense..
Are shown to be victimized,
By making attempts to explain..
The difference between,
Keeping the peace...
And agitating conflicts.
Only to begin arguments.

When people today like this,
Find chaos more appealing...
To understand and comprehend,
As an entitlement?
Why would someone choose,
To lose their life to defend...
Against a mindset sold,
On seeking to be offended.
And ready to prove themselves,
Out of their minds and crazed!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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