Finding Hope In The Future

Leaving behind a life never wanted, finding the way to a better
life alone, meeting people, conversing, feeling what it means
to be human once again.

Living within means, having what is needed, not having to worry
about the electric and water being shut off again, being very
conscientious and aware of what needs to be done.

At last finding hope in the future without all the abuse to deal
with, crying, tears always falling, more than ever smiling or
being happy.

Men need to leave women alone, for they are much happier when on
their own throughout life, for what is love anyway, man's excuse
to be taken care of and for getting a woman to have sex with.

Self-centered, selfish, their world, their every thought is
centered around their egos below only and the women they pro-
claim to love be damned.

That seems to be the gist and reality of men's human relation-
ships throughout life, apparently there are exceptions, they
are few and far between.

Lucky the women that find these gems of humanity and wisdom
who know how to treat a woman with respect and dignity in
this earthly life.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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