Finding Leaves

I wish they would've told me that plastic was but
A form of oil, extraction, as we have it, the water
Unwrapped relationships, from packages
If facts were convenience, I'd gravitate to that and manage, and respect it
'Cause any would trade the place perhaps
To standing in the rain for that...
You chose to go and get the fuse
I'm mad at your refractory
But, can't control your different views, just glad at what the
Passage brings
Imagined we were matching things, like fabrics in the plaid, stay styling
You activated light, for last or if it's first, some majesty
With the birds, I'm out the jungle for your love
So travesties, simply, hurt, a couple of dreams, plus the peace of me
Tuned, a long time ago, discovered what you mean to me, puddles
I blow dry my coat, but knowing, these betokens
Discerning, the beasts be on it, something's worried
Spirit warfare, in mirth, when  teeth be showing
Peace be burdens to the lures
I don't get
Has evil learn it yet? I circumspect because I heard the Lord
And hurt restored again...
Urban depth, statues of abstract lands, collapsed paths
Tablets full of slashes, and baskets that's full of blackberries
Zippers, bags and cases
Filled with energy, and atmospheres, similar to fragrances
The mystery, appeal to senses, but a seventh, must
And has to be, trust and actually, a failure to accept this
Could equal some catastrophes
Because it's passionately, approaches
No debauchery with it, actually visited in scenes, reality
The in-between, originally, but, still I'm scripting
Like no hate attached attacking dreams, cause that should be
The situation, extra just a scandal see, I passed the needed checkpoints
Unlatched the strings of limitation
When I learned what love's appearance was, without some flashy paper
Gladly, inspiration that enwrap me, winter stuff
Cheer it up, withered types of tough plight, in faith
Into existence, maybe, but, all I truly know
Is, Truth enrobed mine blooms in hope
But, slowly, longing for unknown, unknowns
Like in a snow, for kiss, I'm frozen in it
Jungles and conceptuals, of wholesome gift, dimensions noticed too
And so I don't forget, and loads are meant, and fit
Depending on the fig, and roses fields amidst
The physic barely factors, closer is the realm where Light
Is big, and dominant, the coming scription of the King
It seems, fulfilling covenants, His promises, I never do wonder 'bout
'Cause He's never lied, salt, not pepper, times
As I'm victim, and not who terrorize, solemn, petrified, and I'm being it
Exhausted, ever trying...
I'd rather that than giving up on God, Who never left me
Ostracized myself, somehow the devil tied, through, clever
Methods still... (evil spirits)
Lures and snares, hard to trust, for every step is rigged
But, longing, in my heart, the home of many, God is welcome near
The wellness of a soul is where He starts
There's jars of several tears
He treasures like a precious stone, dejection, no!
He blesses those who've accidentally stressed about their circumstances
Set the Throne first in life, emerge a mind, that birthed in Light
And words aligned, discerning, having passage
Laughing at myself, at certain times
And damaged, so I turned to God, and ask Him
For His guidance too...
And, worst ain't what I'm trying to do
For hurt ain't what I'm tied into, in cursive
Plus, they're worth it if a love they feel inclined prove, priceless
Every night
Confiding in Light, different kinds of fights
Some rising times, of seeds that's sown, believing strong
And dreaming on


by Dexsta Ray

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