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Finding Love In The All Night Grocery
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Finding Love In The All Night Grocery

in the produce section at waldbaum's, by
the avocados, I asked her, do these
feel right to you? she screamed
'I know what you're thinking! '

she grabbed two cantaloupes and held
them near her chest. they're the same
size as my breasts, feel them, are they ripe?
I did and she screamed, slapping me.

I fled, past the potatoes and onions,
my cart knocking down a display of
maxi pads. she glared at me
and threw an eggplant my way.

at the deli counter, as I ordered
a pound of marinated artichoke hearts,
she took a discarded number and
demanded immediate service.

serve me now! serve me now! let him go
to the bakery! look at his cart, notice
the cherry pop tarts in there. perverts
like him ruin shopping for the decent ones.

I'm pregnant, she spit at me. I offered congratulations,
she said, now you have to marry me. but I never slept
with you - she said, isn't that just like a man!
trying to escape on a technicality like that.

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Comments (3)

This is really fun, Jesse, and very creative. Makes me think about shopping late at night! :) I love to read a poet who has a sense of humor as well as a serious side. Raynette
Hello Jesse, Must say I love this poem! the images the whole tone. I'll be watching for you in my local grocery store lol Carol
I love all your plays on words, I love seeing the whole thing! I love the very idea of this poem, and your flippant, energized tone. One my first couple readings, the only thing that doesn't quite come off for me, is the ending. I think I'd like to see more punch in the last two lines! If I feel differently tomorrow, I'll let you know.