Finding My Father

I've never met him or seen his face.
Will he be glad or be disgraced.
Whould he be proud of who I've become.
And would he proudly call me son.
I wonder what kind of man is he.
I wonder if he's much like me.
I think about him everyday.
I must find him somehow someway.
I've thought so hard of what to say.
If I meet him on someday.
Not knowing is the hardest pain.
The feelings driving me insane.
I only want to know my past.
But don't know how long I can last.
Half my life is incomplete.
But it wont be if we meet.
I may have brothers and sisters too.
What colors their hair, Are their eyes blue.
Without him my life's not whole.
And I can not let that feeling go.
I have to ask for I must know.
All I want is peace of mind.
Although it maybe hard to find.
I feel my luck is growing slim.
To find a way to locate him.
Just one time is all I ask.
Before my chance is in the past.

by Richard Lane

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Very strongly felt and written from the heart, a longing to find one's 'roots' will settle things unsaid and undiscovered. Excellent message.10+