HLS (28 October 1986 / Colombus, GA)

Finding Myself

lessons in life must be learnt by myself,
successful dreams: not concerned with my wealth...
my real identity in the process of being found,
day by day: I narrow it down...

about what it is I wish to make of my life,
ways that I wish to end this strife,
endless nights: contemplating what’s right...
slowly traveling the route as before,
my mind wondering what to explore,
the path of life: no doubt takes a detour...

veering off the blinded path,
reminisce as I unwind the past,
no regrets: take time to laugh...
deep down I believe this is meant to be,
for every answer can’t be given to me,
life doesn’t always seem a prison to me...

though trapped down for some years,
eventually learning to endure the fears,
everyone cries: don’t secure the tears...
I share with others the same qualities,
searching my soul, answers found adoptively,
allow none to preach how my life ought to be...

for I am aware of my own mistakes,
at the time I felt somewhat of disgrace,
looking back, not a thing I would replace...
errors made me earn my lessons,
prayers helped me turn my direction,
and realize it was time for correction...

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