Finding Myself

I search inside to find what's really me
Bring those emotions to the light so I can see;
To find a way with hidden problems to deal.
I have prayed by getting on my knees to kneel,
From the Almighty many questions I have to ask;
But, I know, I myself, also must challenge this task.
If I must go and find a place of solitude,
No one need to think I've developed an attitude.
It's just that I need to know the directions of my life,
Stop doing things that will end up in strife.
To "classify normal," can anyone really say?
For we know not what will happen from day to day.
Yet, I must try to find what's my true self,
Bring it into the light, not hide it on a closet shelf.
No human can really know what I should do,
So I constantly lift my eyes to skies of blue.
Somewhere, somehow, with this, a way I must find,
Not only search my heart and soul, but also my mind.
My answers, alone, can not be found;
I must always have a keen ear to hear the sound
Of angel voices who guard over me day and night.
Messages from HE above on my problem HE will shine a light.
If I truly believe, HE will put me on the right path,
And I won't be left with agony in my own wrath.
So to kneel and pray before HIM, I surely must
Always, always, in HIM , I shall trust.

by Cathy Bales Wilder

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