Finding New Ways To Kill Ourselves

Living in a world where there is little hope and a lot of despair,
Moving on to a greater understanding of the world through those around us,
There are intelligently tuned in people that I like to keep around me who understand me and I understand them,
We always find a way to kill ourselves through an act of ungratefulness and distortion of the soul we have,
The all-seeing eye see’s all and watches over us to guide us through this life we lead,
And yet we steer off course to only revert back to what we originally wanted in the first place.

Happy with what I have I don’t want to change for nothing and no-one except myself.
My friends and family I will protect forever with all my heart and nothing will alter that no matter what you try to sell to me I will stay on this path I have carved for myself.

by Joanne Kearsey

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