Finding New Years Love

Finding New Year's Love

Softly I cry as the tears roll down
Falling upon an uncaring ground
No one can hear for a sound has not been heard
Or the whispering of my silent words.
The walls in my mind echoing your name
As it screams out in pain.
The New Year has just begun
the old one was no fun ".
Heartaches continue to follow me, but I'm going to set it free
'll be free to find love once again hopefully a love that will never end.
Because there are other broken hearts out there
Looking for their love to share.
© L. RAMS 011118

by louis rams

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Uncaring ground- - - the reader can almost feel the ache as they read. A poem that accurately captures heartache, loneliness, sadness brilliantly. You see writer's determination, and wish for them a happy ending.